3D Service contains integrated Architectural, Civil, Structure and MEP 3D modeling services. In addition, it contains clash detection and static constructability analysis. However, integrated 3D services are directly related to models’ Level of Development and we provide LOD according to the clients’ needs. Here, technical details and information, specifications and classification tags such as space, layer, contract, etc. can be added to 3D models. Consequently, one can easily use this categorized information on other BIM services, such as 4D, 5D, Reporting and presentations.


Architectural 3D Modeling

Our experience in modeling of complicated architectural surfaces and elements of different projects, has improve our modeling potentials.  So we can meet different 3D modeling requirements, while providing different level of details in modeling, rendering and texturing according to the clients’ requirements.

Civil and Structural 3D Modeling

We provide civil and structural 3D-models in different levels of details and information and our clients can receive models, from simple geometrical models to fully detailed data-rich ones, for various purposes. For steel structures we may provide full details of structure, which can be used for preparing shop drawings and digital fabrication. For concrete structures we may model reinforcement and suggest optimized cutting orders and related shop drawings, and for civil works, we provide different levels of BIM models for earthworks, ways, bridges, Metro facilities and tunnels.

MEP 3D Modeling

In addition to MEP 3D-modeling in different LODs, we use clash detection tests on federated models, which are the most critical phase of clash detection in BIM modeling. As a result, clients can use provided models during various project life cycle stages. In this field we can provide virtual representation of different types of MEP elements and systems such as HVAC, Plumbing and Firefighting. 

Clash Detection and Model Integrity Checks

We use virtual construction concepts in our BIM modeling procedures, and our experts can recognize both hard and soft clashes during modeling phases. As a result, design incompetency and conflicts are recognized during modeling processes. Therefore, clients can solve projects’ problems at the earlier phases of projects. In this step we determine most of the technical and engineering constructability issues by hard and soft clashes’ analysis, which reduces most of extra works’ time and costs during construction stages.