5D-service includes all of our model cost related services. We can prepare this service with/without 4D-services. Therefore, if there is no need for a project scheduling information, we implement 5D-services without considering a time. As a result, in this level of service, we provide Materials, Activities and all Resources comprehensive costs and quantities in a categorized format without considering a time. We can use private, or approved public/governmental price lists in cost estimations. In addition, we determine element-related line-items’ cost. And, we can provide price list-based estimations, which one may use it for generating cost statements in construction stages. When Scheduling and time management are also available and important to clients, advanced level of 5D-services can be provided. Here, all cost and quantity information are presented in the scale of time. Therefore, managers can easily access the project classified information, including logistics, procurement and cost in the scale of time.