We provide access to the comprehensive technical and managerial reports of projects in the easiest and fastest way. Indeed, our web reporting platform, enables access to the project processed classified information anywhere, anytime.  Therefore, all Cost, MTO, Resource and similar construction management reports, are accessible in the graphical/charted format. Furthermore, according to the implemented level of BIM Services, the reports may include time or not.


Cost Reports

Our experts provide cost classified reports, needed for projects’ execution and financial management. So, clients can easily access the required cost information for controlling expenses ahead, in advance. Furthermore, if one uses fully 5D services, the timed cost of the project will be accessible. Here, the client has access to all cost information on the time axis and in the categorized format. Therefore, all logistics, procurement and cost information is accessible in the scale of time.

MTO Reports

We also provide projects’ materials quantities classified reports on the web platform. Therefore, clients have access to the information of projects’ material consumption and can use it for procurement and financial management purposes. As, we may apply classifying codes on elements (based on 4D/5D requirements), material information is available in a categorized format. Furthermore, we provide this information in the timely manner and in fully 5D BIM services. 

Resource Reports

Managing the project resources, including labors, materials and equipment are among the clients’ requirements in every project. We present time-scaled resources’ information such as human-resource histogram and materials’ consumptions rates. Here, web reporting service gives required resources’ information at different junctures of the project.