ISIX Solutions is an international company that provides a variety of BIM services and software solutions in construction industry. Harmony and integrity in multidisciplinary team working, besides, experts’ experience, are company’s main focuses and success aims.  Until now, we have cooperated in implementing VDC platform in more than 1.5 millions of square meters of buildings, including Health, Shopping and Residential centers, alongside different types of Infrastructures, including Bridges, Tunnels and Marina structures. In addition, based on our previous needs and experiences, we have developed ISIX software. ISIX is an integrated project management software, which its commercialized editions will be published soon. However, according to the results of ISIX noncommercial edition, our BIM services (3D, 4D and 5D) are easily accessible to our clients at this time.


We prepare various types of BIM services and solutions for our clients, in the best and most effective way. By proving BIM’s executive benefits, we encourage them to use BIM in their projects. We prepare high quality n-Dimensional models in the shortest time and lowest price. Our modeling services are according to international standards and can be used for other BIM-based management platforms as well. However, we will publish ISIX, our commercialized in-house software in the near future and it will be available in different editions to owners, contractors, project managers and technical experts, based on their needs.


We believe, improvement of Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation (AECO) processes in projects, needs using new technologies. And, this requires knowledge, experience, skill and tool. Fortunately, BIM as a new technology aims to improve AECO processes. So, we hope, we can improve our capabilities (both in services and software solutions) in different aspects of BIM-based project management. Therefore, we will be able to support our clients and help them to reduce projects’ time, wastes and costs. 

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