Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main ISIX features in quantity takeoff and cost estimation?
    It provides model-based systematic calculation algorithms. So, it makes quantity takeoff and cost estimation, quick and precise. It makes MTO calculations easy and quick for similar element types. Quantity takeoff module connects activities and element types. As a result, ISIX eliminates miscalculations or negligence of particular items. Define and modify materials, human resources and equipment needed for execution of elements easily. Represent time-based MTO and cost information in the categorized format and in detailed classification. In conclusion, users can easily access to cost and MTO information in the classified format, such as zone, story, contract, scope, activity, material, etc.
  • Does ISIX support different price-lists for cost estimation?
    Yes. ISIX can comply with any international, national, local province price-list. In addition, ISIX users can define custom price-lists based on human resources, material and equipment expenses needs for each activity.
  • Can ISIX exchange data with project management software packages?
    ISIX is compatible with the most popular project management software packages like Microsoft Project, Primavera P6 and Microsoft Excel. As a result, ISIX bilaterally data exchange capability, makes it possible to use complementary capabilities of software packages interactively.
  • Which design or modeling software packages are interoperable with ISIX?
    ISIX supports all 3D design and modeling software packages in IFC format.
  • Can ISIX support requirements of delay management?
    Yes. ISIX provides forms and workflows to record delays, delay reasons and responsible persons for delays. Furthermore, its Systematic built-in features, allows agile decision making by categorizing delays, based on reason, contract, element, zone, discipline, etc.
  • What is ISIX solution for material and equipment management?
    ISIX provides seamless connection between activities, time schedule, MTO, elements, contracts, and so on. So, inherent integrity between ISIX modules, makes planning and ordering of materials and equipment easy and precise. Furthermore, material-time tables and construction reports in ISIX help procurement managers to plan, order and follow up purchase packages to delivery and installation phase. By ISIX warnings, one can easily be aware of the time and the amount of supply they need.
  • Can one use ISIX for change management in projects?
    Yes, ISIX change management tools make it possible to monitor design changes (geometrical change and/or material change). ISIX determines design changes automatically for every document’s revision. Real-time change tracking on the visual platform, besides auto-generation of change tables in accordance with another related information such as time, cost, MTO and so on, helps stakeholders to study different effects of changes. Moreover, it easily identifies roots of changes by relating changes to attached documents.
  • What are planning features of ISIX?
    ISIX automatically generates Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Time-Schedule of projects. Therefore, planners only define general predecessors and priorities of activities. Here, ISIX uses BIM-model information such as quantities, human resources, machinery and equipment related to elements. And consequently, generates the time schedule of the project by auto-calculation of duration and volume of activities. Bilaterally exchanging data with project management software packages like MSP and P6, and graphical simulation capabilities, makes it possible to use complimentary features of software packages simultaneously.
  • Can ISIX users generate custom reports and dashboards?
    Yes. In addition to predefined reports and dashboards, ISIX users can define a variety of customized reports and dashboards. Furthermore, ISIX applies access limitation on dashboard and reports, based on access rights.
  • What kind of reports does ISIX present?
    ISIX integrated real-time reports and dashboards covers main scopes of project management, such as, time management, cost management, earned value management, change management, material and equipment management, contract management, supervision and quality control of works and a variety of daily, weekly and monthly project status reports.
  • How does ISIX handle contractors’ statements?
    ISIX provides Integrated and intelligent connection between elements and components of 3D-model, to contracts, quantity takeoffs and cost estimations. In addition, it facilitates recording of element’s activities progress. As a result, it can easily prepare updated and categorized financial statements for contractors, at any given time. Furthermore, ISIX provides a systematic formulation platform to define material takeoff from 3D-Model. One of the main ISIX features here, is the possibility of taking unique assumption for different contractors. This ISIX feature leads to high efficiency, precision, agility, and transparency in the preparation, study, and approval of statements related to contracts
  • How working scope of contractors is specified in ISIX?
    ISIX graphical/textual tools make specifying working scope of contractors possible. Furthermore, in addition to assessment and supervisory features, this capability of ISIX, minimizes risk of interferences and contractual disputes. Therefore, it can prevent wasting time and cost in projects.
  • Does ISIX support digital supervisory process in projects?
    ISIX provides smart, structured and systematic tools for project’s supervisors and QC managers. Additionally, ISIX Predefined/definable checklists and workflow in completing integrated field tools, increases efficiency, agility, accuracy and reliability of quality control processes in projects. Furthermore, it provides tools to record and observe projects’ technical, execution and quality information, on mobile tablets. Consequently, ISIX live, real-time and categorized information recording, helps decreasing project’s risks and increasing quality in project advance.
  • Can ISIX use in study of projects’ delays and claims?
    ISIX provides necessary classified data for management of claims and delays in projects. Classified data, such as root causes of changes, delays or stoppages, cost of changes, time information and technical data of activity’s delays, all in all, presents an integrated and scheduled data package to make right and successful decisions at the proper time. Furthermore, attaching documents and project classified data to elements or activities, is another powerful feature of ISIX. Considering these capabilities, it can support delays and construction claims in complicated projects.
  • How does ISIX contract workflow module help managing projects?
    ISIX workflow module, makes it possible to define required workflows for managing contracts and project activities. So, it facilitates and formalizes digital interactions between project’s personnel. As a result, ISIX expedites circulation of documents and decisions. Furthermore, it can systemize process of development, supervision, and quality control, including the study and approval of statements, checklists or other proceedings
  • Can ISIX determine costs and materials of reworks, changes, and demolitions?
    Yes. ISIX provides necessary registration tools to record information of rework, change, and demolition in projects. Furthermore, integrated modules of ISIX makes it possible to analyze project status and determine wasted costs and materials and their responsible. Therefore, these separated and categorized information provides needed strategic data for management of projects.
  • Can ISIX report online progress status of projects?
    Yes. ISIX records project execution information, on the project Common Data Environment (CDE) by portable tablets of personnel. Furthermore, subject-base classifying and grouping of information, linked to predefined categories, makes utilization of project real-time data effective for projects’ management. Here, ISIX collaborative platform, provides coordinated and seamless project information, such as time, cost, engineering, supervisory, construction and field information. In conclusion, ISIX can generate various integrated real-time graphs and reports of project progress status at any given time.
  • Is ISIX a multi-user software and/or a single user one? If the former case is right, is there any limitation on a number of users?
    The main application of ISIX is providing a collaborative platform for integrated management of projects. ISIX platform supports concepts of BIM and VDC technologies. Therefore, its multi user/company versions can handle projects’ integration, coordination and collaboration needs. However, one can use some of its capabilities in the framework of single-user version, especially for semi-simple small projects. In conclusion, ISIXSolutions Company provides various Single/Multi-user packages proportions to client’s requirements.
  • What are ISIX projects’ knowledge management capabilities?
    Contractors, designers, planners, clients and owners can maintain and reuse comprehensive data of previous and current projects for future ones. Therefore, ISIX stores a variety of technical, executive, planning, cost, bidding, supply and procurement data of actual projects. As a result, ISIX passes the information and knowledge from older projects to new one. In conclusion, one can use this information for future decision makings. For example, one of the knowledge management capabilities of ISIX is the ability to study the conditions of projects’ costs by choosing different cost scenarios for successful bidding from previous projects actual cost data.
  • Does ISIX support modern approaches, like Earned Value Management (EVM), for assessment of project’s status?
    Yes. ISIX seamlessly connects activities, time schedule, estimated costs of activities and construction progress to each other for every element. So, this provides essential technological means for easily implementing and benefiting from the advantages of EVM approach.
  • Is ISIX capable of managing large projects?
    ISIX has developed based on experiences of virtual design and construction (VDC) management of one of the world’s largest projects. This urban complex project, covers an area of 1,500,000 square meters, and worth around $1 billion. Therefore, ISIX can easily handle large and complicated project’s management, with a big data.
  • Which projects can benefit from ISIX software?
    ISIX is integrated management software of construction projects. So, It can use for managing a variety of oil, natural gas, petrochemical, building, and infrastructure’s projects. Based on VDC technology, ISIX facilitates the integrated and coordinated management of planning, engineering, construction, procurement, supervision, and utilization of projects. It acts like a central core in managing different life cycle processes of projects. Therefore, ISIX supports the full life cycle of construction industry projects.