Renewable Energy Projects

• Renewable energy power plants (Wind, Solar, Geothermal,…)
• CHP (Combined Heat and Power)

Power plant projects

• Transmission and distribution network (High and low voltage transmission lines, Power substations, …)
• CHP (Combined Heat and Power)

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries

• Above ground and underground transfer of oil and gas pipelines
• Oil and Gas refineries, Petrochemical units and Natural gas liquid processing
• Transferring Gas to industries
• Pump station and storage tank of local oil
• Platforms and Terminals of oil and wellhead units of oil and gas


Urban Facilities

• Metro facilities
• Roads, bridges and urban tunnels

Transportation Project

• Transportation’s terminals such as airports & stations

Urban Projects

• Commercial and residential projects
• Educational Buildings


Industrial and Mining Projects

• Heavy Industries and factories

• Mining projects

Marina Projects

• Wharf , pier & quay

• Marina bridge & suspension bridge

• Harbor & port

Water and Sewage projects

• Water resources management projects

• Purification of industrial waste water projects

• Industrial desalination systems