What is ISIX ?

ISIX is the integrated management software at construction industry based on VDC technology, and works on BIM platform. It supports a variety of projects in oil, gas and petrochemical industry, as well as other infrastructure and building projects. As a result, ISIX is a central core of projects. In conclusion, it facilitates integration and coordination of management processes. Therefore, it seamlessly manages planning, engineering, scheduling, budgeting, construction, procurement, supervisory, and operation phases in the project life cycle.

Provide Facilitated Multidisciplinary Data Access
Effective Collaboration

ISIX is a Model-based multi-user software which supports BIM-based computer programs. In conclusion, it provides easy, clear and transparent communication among project stakeholders. Furthermore, it provides built-in tools for recording, analyzing and presenting project life cycle information, in graphical platform with a 3D-model.

Integrated Project Management

ISIX provides project’s stakeholders like finance providers, investors, clients, suppliers, contractors and designers, tools for achieving successful delivery of projects. Therefore, modules, such as real-time construction tracking, schedule, cost, material, change, contract and earned value management facilitates management of projects. In addition, integrated data-management module, creates a unified coordination platform in projects.

Provide Facilitated Multidisciplinary Data Access
Provide Facilitated Multidisciplinary Data Access
Project Management Tower (PMT)

ISIX presents various types of real-time reports and dashboards of a project. Furthermore, one can use its predefined/configurable online reports are accessible on a cloud platform. ISIX generates seamless reports from the project data-base. Moreover, Its site monitoring module gives a special comprehensive tool for updating construction status, which provides real-time information for reports. Systematic structure of ISIX software helps to use classified and scurried project information in a central core, so-called “Project Management Tower,” which incredibly facilitates managing of projects.

Up-To-Date Project Information

ISIX supports digital site survey system. Therefore, it can use for recording seamless information of Contracts, Engineering, Execution, Supervision and Quality Control and sharing them with stakeholders. Consequently, they can quickly access to the project comprehensive information according to their allowed access on their individual tablets. Using 3D-model of the project, and wiping out paper documents expedite the working processes by digitalization. Furthermore, it makes it feasible to use up-to-the-minute, updated and seamless data in different managerial processes.

SVisual Capabilities

ISIX provides especial display features for users. So, ISIX can automatically regulate the location and angle of views in the 3D-view mode on portable tablets. Adjusting 3D-model with the actual users view at the site, expedites the process of performing site activities. In addition, it facilitates movement in the model and entry of executive data. Some other BIM-based visual capabilities of ISIX are color zoning, saving viewpoints and selection sets. As a result, users can access to categorized information in the graphical format by applying different types of filters.

Effortless Planning & Cost Estimation

ISIX, intelligent structure, speeds up processes of planning, Quantity take-off, and cost estimation of projects. Furthermore, ISIX is a smart and powerful tool for agile project management. Most noteworthy, It provides seamless connection between activity, sub activity, labor, equipment, material quantity, element, price list items, supervisory checklists, statements, and other required data. Consequently, ISIX integrates project sections, and provides collaborative platform for agile and successful coordination and management of project life-cycle activities.

Provide Facilitated Multidisciplinary Data Access
Big Data under Control

ISIX can support large-scale projects. Because, ISIX team, develop and structure it, based the management of one of the largest urban complex projects. In conclusion, the experiences gained in design and construction, of this project solved big-data problems of software. The approximate project area was 1,500,000 square meters, and its worth was about $1bn. As a result, ISIX makes it possible to agile integrated management of such large projects.

Our Experiences

Construction Projects
Commercial Complex
Parking Structure & Storage
Medical Building
Sport Complex

$1.5 Billion in Value
1,200,000 Square meters in Size

Infrastructure Projects

$0.3 Billion in Value