Earned Value Management

Earned value management is a technique for tracking project’s status, and managers use it for forecasting projects likely future performance. Furthermore, it paves the way for setting up evidence-based management system in projects. This method is based on regular supervision, comparison, and control of projects’ time and cost standard indices. While traditional calculation of these indices is very time-consuming and needs comprehensive integrity between project different information. Fortunately, ISIX provides real-time integrated connection between project information such as, activities progress, and budgeted and actual cost of works in assistance with BIM 3D model. Therefore, ISIX can calculate budgeted cost of work performed and related EVM indices in a fraction of a second. Now, easy implementation and utilization of benefits of EVM method are accessible for managers and clients.

Diagnose Risks
Effectively Monitor Project Performance

Project managers, planners and other project stakeholders can use ISIX EVM reports for project planning, assessment and management. Moreover, ISIX evaluates project status and project team performance, by comparing EVM indices and curves. As a result, one can easily track projects by analyzing EVM information at any given time.

Diagnose Risks
Forecast Project Completion Time and Cost

ISIX provides unique space for collecting and sharing comprehensive project technical, constructional and financial time-base information. Furthermore, it can present projects’ real-time indices and information at any given time during its life-cycle. Therefore, managers, clients, and investors can easily assess the project completion time and cost.

Improve Project Management Process

ISIX, upon concurrent presentation of plan and actual data from the project, provides the comprehensive summary of project status. Therefore, managers and clients can make effective, precise, and correct decisions in an appropriate time. As a result, ISIX prepares data transparency needed for successful and agile project management.

Real-Time Monitoring of Project Status
With ISIX, you do not miss any information throughout the project life-cycle