Change Management

Implementing virtual design and construction technology in the BIM platform, with the assistance of the ISIX system, prevents many changes and reworks. But, Change can be an inevitable event in projects. Consequently, ISIX provides the required tools for change management, such as registration tool facilities and automatic change identification systems. Furthermore, ISIX can estimate the cost of changes and provide cost reports in a categorized manner. Also, analysis of temporal and cost-related consequences of changes, besides, the capability of attaching files and documents are other ISIX change features.

Real-Time Monitoring of Project Status
Streamline Change Tracking

ISIX perceives design changes (geometry and/or material) intelligently. In addition to visualization capabilities, ISIX presents change effects within the framework of comparison tables. Furthermore, it connects engineering documents with change elements, which make supplementary information for change reasons and providers. As a result, project stakeholders can observe and assess the influence of changes in the project life-cycle.

Provide Facilitated Multidisciplinary Data Access

Change Assessment, Effective Management

The integrated structure of ISIX software simplifies the comprehensive comparison and assessment of the changes’ impact. As a result, project managers and experts can easily estimate the cost and time effects of changes. And, clients and investors would be able to access the project strategic data. Furthermore, they can use ISIX assessment and comparing tools for agile decision-making.

Support Claim/Delay Management

ISIX provides essential classified data for claim and delay management. Therefore, ISIX can register and present the required information for delay/claim analysis. So, ISIX prepares information such as the reason for the change, delay or stoppage, delay period and time and cost effects. As a result, ISIX software provides an integrated and time-based data package for successful project management.