Material Management

Material and equipment supply management, is one of the main necessities for effective, efficient and successful management of projects. Planning, registration and following up purchase orders needs integrated data system to provide time-based technical and quantity information. Here, ISIX as an integrated design, construction, and operation coordinating software provides required tools for integrated management of the supply chain. Thus, clients and contractors can seamlessly manage project/portfolio supply chains of materials and equipment considering project time, cost and quality.

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Generate Time-Based Resource Reports

Integration of technical, executive, and temporal project data, paves the way for extraction of comprehensive construction data. ISIX 4D-BIM and 5D-BIM capabilities provide information of material, equipment, and labor force in the unit of time. Therefore, one can easily access to the seamless technical, MTO, cost and time information of resources. Furthermore, ISIX resource management module, is powerful and efficient in preparing reports on planned and actual consumption of resources. In addition, ISIX software presents these real-time beneficial data for procurement managers, executives and clients in the unit of time.

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Purchase Planning

ISIX 4D-BIM features, which provides seamless connection between time and element’s data, simplify procurement planning processes. As a result, ISIX can facilitate and systemize the process of planning, registering, and pursuing purchase orders. Furthermore, procurement managers can easily define and modify purchase packages, according to project schedule and actual progress status. Moreover, ISIX can consider delivery time, ordering threshold and storage capacity. Finally, ISIX remembrance and announcement system provides control tools for efficient and logical financial purposes and procurement management process.

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Material & Equipment Tracking

ISIX tracks the process of supplying materials and equipment from the date of registry to the date of delivery. Furthermore, it can support step-by-step ordering process. As a result, ISIX can speed up systematic defining, registering, and tracking of purchase packages. Moreover, it can assess services of suppliers, besides, recording of technical and quality status of their materials and equipment. ISIX presents these capabilities in a categorized and systematic manner. In addition, ISIX connects purchase packages and element models, which provides visualization features for procurement status observation.

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Exceed Project Management Agility

Integrated 3D, 4D and 5D-BIM features of ISIX make it possible to recognize supply chain critical points. Furthermore, ISIX field tracking module provides real-time information of procurement status. In addition, it presents time-base information of materials and equipment consumption in the project. These features make ISIX as special nD-BIM software, which prevents wastage of temporal and monetary funds in projects. Moreover, continuous recording of technical and financial knowledge of suppliers in the ISIX common data environment, boosts planning, and time and cost predicting in future procurements.