Contract Management

ISIX integrated solutions, provides the necessary tools for agile management of consulting, construction, and operation contracts. Now, by using visualization capabilities of BIM 3D-model, comprehensive classified information of projects is at your disposal. ISIX presents information of engineering, cost, time and construction issues and contracts in the platform of predefined/definable dashboards. As a result, ISIX can easily handle management of statements, payments, contract’s scope and progress status by its technological features. In addition to usage of BIM information management platform, ISIX integrated features such as EVM, change, cost and time management modules facilitates contract’s management.

Avoid Conflict, Reduce Cost Overruns

ISIX scope definition module provides the means for specifying project contracts’ boundaries on 3D-model. As a result, ISIX determines element ownerships graphically on the data-base platform. In conclusion, seamless connection between elements and other 3D, 4D and 5D features of ISIX, increases contract transparency. In addition, this facilitates planning of contractors’ activities. This capability, in addition to supervisory and control features of ISIX, minimizes the risk of work overlap and contractual disputes, and, thereby preventing additional costs.

Real-Time Monitoring of Project Status
Diagnose Risks
Increase Accuracy, Efficiency and Transparency

ISIX provides real-time and smart connection between information of activities’ progress, quantity take-off and cost estimation of contract components. In conclusion, one can easily use ISIX seamless data to prepare online financial statement of contracts. As a result, ISIX increases the efficiency, precision, and transparency in preparation, study, and approval of statements.

Diagnose Risks
Easy Contract Assessment

ISIX facilitates online assessment of contracts. So, it uses EVM indices and a variety of predefined/configurable reports to pave the way for assessment of projects. Additionally, ISIX makes a single and integrated platform for documentation of project information during different construction phases. Therefore, managers, clients, and contractors can utilize ISIX for easy management of contracts.

Diagnose Risks
Provide Configurable Workflows

ISIX supports work flows between project personnel, companies and clients. Therefore, they can use this system to accelerate different construction, supervisory, and quality control processes, on the contract basis. For example, ISIX facilitates work flows of study and approval of statements and/or other cases. Furthermore, it expedites the quality control approval process.