Integrated Project Data Management
• Provide FacilitatedMultidisciplinary Data Access • Keep All Project Stakeholders on the Same Page • Coordination Within the Team & Across the Organization • Online Reports and Dashboards
Schedule Management
• Real-Time Monitoring of Project Status • Speed Up Decision Making • Remove Re-Work/Errors • Online Reports and Dashboards • Diagnose Risks • Facilitate Project Planning Process • Effortlessly Adjust Project Planning • Interoperability with Planning & Scheduling Software
Cost Management
• Take Advantage of Activity-Based Costing (ABC) Methodology • Auto Generation of Cos Breakdown Structure (CBS) • Easy and Smart Cost Estimation • Manage Cost Knowledge to bid Successfully • Systematic Generating of Cost Statement • Custom Cost Reports
Earned Value Management
• Effectively Monitor Project Performance • Forecast Project Completion Time and Cost • Improve Project Management Process
Real-Time Construction Tracking
• Taking Obstacles into Accounts, Reducing Delays • Risk Elimination by Supervisory Checklists • Auto Generation of Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
Change Management
• Streamline Change Tracking • Change Assessment, Effective Management • Support Claim/Delay Management
Material Management
• Generate Time-Based Resource Reports • Purchase Planning • Material & Equipment Tracking • Exceed Project Management Agility
Contract Management
• Avoid Conflict, Reduce Cost Overruns • Increase Accuracy, Efficiency and Transparency • Easy Contract Assessment • Provide Configurable Workflows